Repossession Services

Wise McGrath’s Recoveries division is a recognised market leader in the provision of specialised property, motor vehicle, equipment and other asset retrieval and repossession services to the Banking and Finance, Debt Collection, Corporate and Insurance sectors.
Our vast field experience and thorough understanding of relevant legislation and guidelines such as the National Consumer Credit Protection Act, Competition and Consumer Act, Federal Privacy legislation and ASIC/ACCC Debt Collection Guidelines places Wise McGrath in an ideal position to assist our clients with the most challenging of asset recovery jobs, whilst maintaining strict regulatory compliance at all times.

All strategies for repossession are formulated based upon our client’s instructions and our thorough investigation of all related issues prior to execution of any recovery assignment. This preparation ensures maximum opportunity for recovery as well as preparing our field agents for possible compliance, public relations or other issues that may result once in the field.

Our agents are experienced in effective liaison with other interested parties e.g. police, sheriff, locksmiths, tow truck drivers. Wise McGrath Asset Recovery -

  • We provide a professional service offering national coverage
  • Clients are fully informed throughout the recovery process
  • We have a competitive and flexible fee structure
  • We are fully licensed, accredited and insured