Organisational Management Policy

It is Wise McGrath’s objective to deliver services in a professional manner that will exceed our clients' expectations, ensuring cost effectiveness while maintaining compliance with all internal and external requirements.

The following objectives support the fulfilment of our policy statement:

Client Satisfaction

We will work together to identify client needs, set clear goals and measure our achievement against these expectations.

Employee Excellence

We will provide operational systems that support employee excellence.

Learning and Development 

All employees will be supported with appropriate resources, communication systems and training and development.

Continuous Improvement

Wise McGrath is committed to an ongoing process of continuous improvement across all business functions. The focus of our program is the refinement of current processes and the development of new, innovative processes, with a view to continually adding to client value through industry leading best practices.

Cost Effectiveness

Our client orientation means that we concentrate resources on the fulfilment of client needs. The focus of our program is to eliminate cost that does not add to client value or contribute towards our internal business objectives. We achieve this by continually reviewing systems and implementing changes and enhancements where beneficial.


We will ensure that our business maintains sustainable profitability to support the requirements of our employees, the expectations of our clients and an appropriate return on our shareholders investment.

External Compliance

We will identify and exceed all regulatory and client specified requirements, and maintain our quality assurance accredited ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Internal Compliance

We will conform to internal compliance requirements, which are based on industry leading best practice.